Our Vision


Zenmoro is a public benefit corporation dedicated to changing the future of business. The company was founded in Detroit, Michigan by two friends who recognized a concerning trend: huge retail companies misleading their customers into buying cheap, harmfully-made products with artificially low prices and questionable quality. Often, this results in unsatisfied customers, and harms the planet and the communities that make their products. Zenmoro believes this strategy prioritizes profits for huge corporations over the well-being of the global community. By being transparent, honest, and conscious about the impacts of our decisions, Zenmoro sets a new standard for future retail.



Zenmoro operates an online, multi-vendor marketplace that brings together customers who are conscious about the impact of their shopping habits with companies who share their values. We facilitate an innovative platform that brings the stories of our allies to life while showcasing the quality products they sell. Our supporters are able to shop freely and with peace-of-mind knowing that the only products featured in our marketplace are those that meet the highest quality standards while conforming to our strict sustainability and ethical requirements.



Zenmoro is much more than just another online marketplace. Zenmoro is the leader of a movement and an instrument of change. We don’t just have customers, suppliers, and investors; We have supporters, allies, and partners. Together, we form a powerful coalition dedicated to our shared principles of environmental sustainability, ethically-made products, transparency, honesty, and quality. We strive for a future in which shoppers, sellers, and investors are not forced to choose between convenience and affordability, or environmental and human impacts. Together, we can change the future of retail and beyond to make business best for the world.



This is more than a list of buzzwords, this is a guide which Zenmoro commits to following for each and every decision we make


Ethics and the Environment

We put ethics and environmental sustainability at the forefront of every choice we make to ensure the health, success, and well-being of our global community for generations to come




Quality Products

We sell the highest quality products that meet our ethical and sustainability standards to fulfil the needs of our customers in a manner that’s best for the world




Empowered Supporters

We empower our supporters by providing honest, transparent information about the products they purchase and the companies they patronize




Successful Allies

We support the success of our allies through our innovative platform which unites conscious businesses and their supporters to form a coalition with shared values and shared success




Prosperous Partners

We recognize the necessity of financial prosperity as a means for growth, and utilize the success we share with our partners to bring about greater impact




Team Excellence

We drive team member excellence and happiness by cultivating a culture of purpose, passion, and prowess throughout all facets of our organization




Higher Cause

We create value for our supporters, allies, partners, team members, and the communities we serve, and utilize our shared success to advance our higher cause of aligning the culture of business with what’s best for the world